Pete Ward ARTIST
Digital, Media, and Sales Strategist

I wear many hats in my business activities, storyteller, trainer, speaker, social broadcaster, podcaster, technical director and consultant.

As a strategist I help you plan your media and communications, as a speaker and trainer I help you define your stories to grow your sales, as a social broadcaster I help you share and tell your story to the global stage and as a contract technical director and consultant I help you build your media and sales in your marketplace.

Social Broadcaster

As a social broadcaster, I'm all about helping people reach a global audience on a global stage. I produce webinars, podcasts, live streams and hybrid events for myself and a range of clients from charities, educational institutes, businesses and Government entities.


As a speaker, I excite and transform audiences on the topics of life long learning, using technology to foster culture change in businesses and utilising the power of storytelling to effect change in our lives and our world.


As a trainer, I educate business owners, entrepreneurs and organisations how to utilise digital storytelling to A.C.E. their media, Accelerate your Authority, Clarify your Credibility and Expand your Effectiveness.

About ME

At the heart of everything I do, I'm a artist and storyteller

I am here to help anyone who is, or desires to be the FACE and VOICE of their brand though the medium of digital communications and digital storytelling.

Social Broadcasting

Social Broadcasting is taking your message and using digital over the top technologies to beam your message, your brand and your sales pitch directly to your audience who are sitting on social media, waiting to be entertained, informed, engaged and interacted with on a meaningful level.

Speaking And Keynotes

Whether it’s how to utilise technology to enhance your business offerings, how to engage your followers by incorporating stories into your messaging or inspiring you and your team to dive into life long learning, my topics will enthral, engage, inspire and transform.

Training And Education

My programs have been designed from the ground up for anyone who is starting out on the journey of self discovery, committed to change and willing to let go of self limiting beliefs to grow. Going on camera, building a personal brand, setting up a creative business or learning how to put yourself out there are all covered in my down to earth, “I’ve been there” style.

About Pete Ward

Why Work With Me

Pete Ward is the resident digital storyteller, trainer and broadcaster at The Story People TV – a corporate and business training hub – together with Monique Bradley. With over 25 years in IT, Pete is the translator between the board room and the server room, understanding the technical requirements as well as the business case constraints.  Able to educate, explaining complex IT stuff in every day language, As a digital storyteller, Pete is across for a variety of disciplines, videography, live broadcasting, marketing made simple and more traditional digital marketing functions such as websites and advertising.

From 2002 until 2007, Pete was instrumental in setting up the first virtual learning centre in New Zealand (VLC). This endeavour used mixed mode learning to educate adult learners across 47 remote learning sites across the North Island and during this time, more than 12,000 students were successfully educated up to a level 3 NZQA certificate level.

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Lately Pete – as well as fulfilling his roll of technical director for all of the in-house brands such as The Story People, Guide To Better Living and Monique Bradley TV – Pete has developed a unique approach to broadcasting across multiple social media channels from his studio based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Combining this social broadcasting with digital media strategy and online sales strategies designed to build brands, personalities, promote products and services, Pete can help you deliver on results that matter, sales, sales, sales.

“Who you are today does not define who you can become tomorrow."
- Pete Ward, 2023

Working with me for social broadcasting options

I Can Work With You In 3 Ways

Starting out with your own podcast, live event – like a webinar or training, – online course or live stream can be somewhat daunting if you don’t quite know where to start.  Depending on your outcomes, I can either fully project manage and produce your social broadcast or if you are looking to learn how you can do it yourself but just need a helping hand to to started, then I’m here for you also.  Either join my online community and learn or book a consult with me and I will personalise your program specifically for you.

Social Broadcasting And Podcasting Done For You

If you just need it done for you, I can take care of that too. Just turn up prepared and rehearsed, and capture your masterpiece performance.

Learn For Yourself Through Training And Education

I can help you Do It For Yourself through online courses and resources, virtual and in real life classes and personalised training sessions.

Do It Together As Your Media Consultant and Contractor

I can work with you as a consultant to help you learn the craft of social broadcasting and storytelling as we produce your content together.

My Strategy For Your Success

online Strategy workflow

I like to follow my 5 Rs strategy with all of my clients.  Starting from the the most important stage of the process, the message.  Once you have your message right, let’s work out the best type of digital content to represent your message.  Next is the right platform, and the right platform is where your audience is whether it’s a single focus or multi platform approach. Next, target the right audience, really get to know them and understand their needs. All of this hard work pays off when you publish your media at the right time, once you know your audience, this will become obvious.

The Right Message

Let's start with a strategy session to define your outcomes and results.

In The Right Content

Now let's plan the most effective type of content to deliver your outcomes.

On The Right Platform

Choosing the "correct" platform is crucial. Let's define that now.

To The Right Audience

It all hinges on having eyes on your message, but it's the right eyes that matter.

And At The Right Time

Catch your audience while they are online and maximise your reach.

How I Can Help You

Social Broadcasting

Join Me On My Podcast

My podcast - called Business and Beyond is aimed squarely at business owners and entrepreneurs. I alway say you can't seperate the person from the business as you ARE the business. Let's explore your story together.

broadcast Your Own Events

Social broadcasting is the new TV. Reach a global audience where they are, on their digital devices. Meetings? We do that. Live or pre-recorded content? We do that. Events? We do that. Products and launches? Yes, we do that.

Star In your Own Production

Social Broadcasting can help thought leaders, personal brands and organisations have a greater impact and reach a greater audience. If you are the face or voice of your brand then we can help propel you globally.

Media Services




Live Shopping

virtual summits

Virtual Summits




Press Releases

public interest streaming

Public Interest


Live Streams

corporate training

Corporate Training

product launch

Product Brand Launches

Examples Of Social Broadcasting

Training And Workshops

Online Learning Programs

Up skill yourself in technology, digital storytelling and social broadcasting through online courses.

Group Workshop Programs

I run workshops on a continuous basis, online virtual classes, in real life and hybrid in real life and virtual events.

Personalised Programs

I know stuff, but I need to know what you need to learn so I can offer personalised training programs to you.

Latest Courses

Speaking And Keynotes

My keynotes are engaging, informative as well as inspiring. Hear the story of how my life changed at 27 and how I went on to change the lives of over 12,000 people, just like me as a second chance learner. Or with my more than 25 years in IT, listen and be inspired on how you can make the most of technology in your business to foster change and support the adoption of digital culture to succeed in our modern world. And as always, learn how I use storytelling to make a positive change for individuals that combine together and make our world a better place to be for all of us. Storytelling is powerful stuff.

Committing to Life Long Learning

As a life long learner, I've had to recreate my life several times over. The world is in a state of flux and I speak about how when we are able to continue to move forward to learn, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

Technology Fostering Culture Change

Utilising the lessons I have learned while overseeing and managing 12 figure projects in the education sector, I've learn't a thing or 2 about technology that can be scaled and implemented into any sized business.

Storytelling To Effect Change

Storytelling has the power to connect, inspire, change, engage, transform and educate. My keynote topic is how you can utilise storytelling in your lives to effect change in both your personal world and the greater world.

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail" - Winston Churchill

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